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We acknowledge that:

(1) Rural poor seldom belong to formal groups or organisations and seldom participate in decisions involving their own well-being;

(2) Lack of credit, transport, storage, processing facilities and space at central wholesale markets are some of the barriers to market entry that we need to lower in order to get poor rural people participating in the market;

(3) Providing marketing advice, marketing extension systems will give a guide to producers to market their output to greater advantage, securing greater market transparency and stimulating competition.

  • generates population pressure
  • breeds social and political conflicts
  • contributes to degradation of the environment
  • undermines basic human values
  • erodes the status of women and welfare of the family
Poverty alleviation is possible when we support the increase in productivity and income of the rural poor, which in turn contributes to broad-based, economy-wide and environmentally sustainable growth.
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