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What We Do Our Approach

Our approach is based on an understanding that poverty is not singular but multi-faceted. Poverty eradication has to deal with several issues at the same time. We believe in working in a holistic manner, fighting poverty in a way that touches every issue that is responsible for emphasising poverty.

Sycamore Development Foundation (SDF) supports community organisations and NGOs that work at grassroots level. The Foundation works with communities seeking to establish community organisations and we support the capacity building of community activists, leaders, innovators, educators, mobilisers and volunteers.

SDF supports the network of communities and their organisations. These networks are responsible for working together to create strategies that enhance the work of communities advocating for changes in policies that do not support poverty eradication efforts.

Working with its partners, SDF encourages the coordination of all development efforts.

SDF is passionate about the issues of child protection, gender, environmental protection, discrimination, good governance and corruption. Any programme/project that is not sensitive to these issues will not be supported by the Foundation. Evaluation and research will be carried out continuously to ensure that these issues are addressed throughout our work.

The Foundation recruits retired executives, experts, researchers, interns and professionals to work as volunteers assisting the communities build their capacity to carryout their development.
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