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Diaspora Programmes Diaspora Programmes

Volunteer and Fieldwork Placements

Sycamore Development Foundation Voluntary Placement brings visitors, volunteers, and researchers to work in community activities. Trip duration is flexible and can be tailored to suit each individual or group. You could be working with schools, clinics, orphanages, women’s groups, environmental protection, organic farming and micro credit.

We approach our work in a holistic way to poverty alleviation.

Food Security Programme

- Support development and operation of small and medium irrigation schemes in remote areas to expand rural economy and food production

- Support the improvement of processing, storage and marketing of grain to improve the incomes of the poor small holder farmer at household level

- Support the improvement of the quality of livestock and crops through training, applied research and investment in off-farm activities to create employment opportunities.

Sustainable Environment Programme

- Support training of rural communities in protection of the environment for sustainable development

- Support innovative efforts in reduction of environmental degradation; preventing river and drain siltation, control of illegal mining that result in chemical pollution of rivers and drains; Support reafforestation and protection of wildlife and improve effort in recycling

- Support development and management of eco-tourism to improve the protection of the environment and improving the income of rural poor communities

- Support the development and use of renewable energy, the use of wind, solar power and bio-gas for energy.

- Support renewable energy and employment creation.

Income Generation and Employment Creation Programme

- Support the development of small and medium enterprises through training of potential entrepreneurs, extending credit; developing distribution systems and markets and transparent marketing channels

- Support applied research at all levels of our operations to improve planning and deliverance services

- Support existing businesses by recruiting and developing volunteers, business experts in different parts of the world to work with small and medium enterprises to improve their incomes

Credit and Savings Programme

- Support the development and sustainable management of a credit and savings programme to support individuals and groups for the development of small and medium enterprises for poverty alleviation.

- We operate micro financing schemes aimed at supporting the development of entrepreneurship at household level

- We give loans to poor people especially women to develop small businesses and build them. We provide training, expert advice, marketing research and coordinated marketing of their products.

Community Mobilisation and Capacity-building Programme

- Support innovative community mobilisation, training and capacity building at all levels by developing community mobilisers at village level, creation of community networks using technology

- Support the recruitment, equipping, training and development of community volunteers

- Support rural connectivity through development of interactive technology facilities to connect rural poor to internet and information high tech facilities

- Support training of poor rural people to acquire life skills, i.e. training in: Carpentry, Blacksmith, Dressmaking/sewing, Building/construction, Computer skills, Food transportation and preservation skills

- Support training in leadership and good governance and to support the development of community organisations i.e. Community Foundations, Community Associations and Development Groups

- Create self employment and improve skills to create economic projects and to reduce unemployment in the community.

Water and Sanitation Programme

- Support the development and community management of village water supply schemes and development of small and medium dams for livestock and irrigation

- Support the construction of sanitary facilities at household level, construction and protection of toilets at household level

- Support the training of rural people in the construction and management of water supply schemes for self reliance; and to improve community health

Health & Nutrition

- Support the training, equipping of village health workers and volunteers to train and monitor the health of people at community level

- Support health campaigns to reduce the spread of diseases like HIV and AIDS, malaria, Cholera etc. These diseases reduce the productivity of the people; reduce food production and increase the impact of poverty.

- Support the development of health centres, distribution of medicines and control of diseases through training of health workers and volunteers.
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