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About us Our Vision

A democratic, peaceful and just society, free from poverty, diseases, hunger and insecurity; where the rights of the people are respected irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or political persuasion.

Sycamore Development Foundation (SDF) seeks to transform how we develop and support poor communities especially children, women and families; the way we design programmes and projects, the participation of the beneficiaries in the project life cycle and changes in policies on poverty alleviation.

SDF seeks to build capacity of community organisations, improve leadership skills and improve technology to support the work of the community to alleviate poverty. Our work focuses on supporting the poor to improve their productivity in all activities they are engaged in. The foundation transfer reserves direct to the poor in an innovative way to support economic growth and sustainable, environmentally friendly development.

At the core of Sycamore Development Foundationís work is a vision to increase participation of women in economic development, supporting the development of entrepreneurs and supporting them to grow their businesses for economic growth and sustainable development; trickling up, not trickling down. Our responsibility is to build on the best of what already exists in the field and that they have access to external expertise they need; and that a systematic social learning occurs about the problem encountered and the different interventions attempted in response.
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